Want Better Rankings For Your Company’s Website? Get Your Employees Published!

Newsflash: Google has changed. If you want your site to rank for competitive keywords phrases, then building web directory backlinks and posting about new products on your blog just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. Yah, I know . . . you’ve heard that READ MORE

Why “Going Viral” Can Be Useless For Your Brand

Like many Facebook page administrators, I used to daydream about crafting a post that would catch fire and get shared by thousands of people. Having a post “go viral,” I thought, would lead to countless new likes for my page and dramatically increase READ MORE

STOP Buying Starbucks. Promote Your Company’s Posts Instead.

When it comes to digital marketing advice, I like articles that provide actual research and data on user behavior. Nothing like real numbers to show brands exactly what works — and what doesn’t work — on social media. Which is why I loved READ MORE

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